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COE Locations Across the World

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COE Locations Across the World


The WFUMB Centres of Education (COE’s) shall provide education in medical ultrasound in countries where there is a need. They should grant recognition to participants after completion of courses, accumulate ultrasound related reference materials and serve as reference centres for the region, they are situated.

WFUMB Centre of Education (COE) is the name for an institution, which offers education in ultrasound for doctors and medical personnel, regularly (at least once a year). It has to be recommended by the ultrasound society of its country or region and recognised by WFUMB. A dedicated and responsible person is appointed as Director and is in charge of the COE.


Centres of Education (COE’s) were a project of WHO (World Health Organisation) , originally. Harald Ostensen, former medical officer of WHO, had the idea to establish centres for education in basic radiology for developing countries, one centre in each continent of the world. He started this project in the late nineties and founded the “Global Steering Group for Education and Training in Diagnostic Imaging”, chaired by WHO, to discuss the projects of several organisations in this field and to improve the co-operation.

At the same time, WFUMB and WHO started a closer co-operation, initiated by BARRY Goldberg, H Ostensen stressed his special interest for the promotion of ultrasound in developing countries . Based on the discussions between H. Ostensen and H. Lutz, it was agreed and decided that the centres for ultrasound should be founded separately from the centres for basic radiology and under the responsibility of WFUMB. WFUMB founds COE’s in co-operation with its regional member-organisation and based on a formal contract with the national societies for ultrasound.

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