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Abdominal Vessels and Portal Vein System Chaper 11 Media Library

Chapter Images

Fig 11.1a Patient in supine position, arms relaxed, along the body, transverse probe in epigastric location
Fig 11.1b Typical anatomical structures in a transverse section in the epigastrium
Fig 11.2a Measurement of the aorta diameter in transverse plane
Fig 11.2b Measurement of the aorta wall thickness in longitudinal plane
Fig 11.3a IVC in transverse plane
Fig 11.3b IVC in longitudinal plane
Fig 11.3c Normal flow in IVC
Fig 11.4a IVC collapsibility index – expiration phase patent vein
Fig 11.4b IVC collapsibility index – inspiration phase collapsing vein
Fig 11.5a Celiac trunk (CT) and superior mesenteric artery (SMA) in longitudinal plane
Fig 11.5b Celiac trunk (CT) - seagul sign of celiac bifurcation
Fig 11.5c Celiac trunk (CT)– seagull sign with Color Doppler
Fig 11.6 Pulsed wave Doppler of celiac trunk
Fig 11.7a SMA and SMV in a transverse plane
Fig 11.7b Flow in the SMA in a longitudinal plane
Fig 11.8a Renal arteries. Typical both arteries in transverse section
Fig 11.8b Renal arteries. Probe position for investigation of right artery on transverse oblique section
Fig 11.8c Renal arteries. Both right renal arteries and left renal on coronal section
Fig 11.8d Renal arteries. Intrarenal artery flow waveforms on pulsed wave Doppler
Fig 11.9a Portal vein in longitudinal plane, flow color red – towards probe
Fig 11.9b Flow in portal vein on Pulsed Wave Doppler
Fig 11.10 Hepatic vein confluence (Color Doppler), color blue – flow away from the probe, right, middle and left hepatic veins (RHV, MHV, LHV)

Chapter Videos

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