Chapter Images

Fig 4.1 View field of US probe analog to the cone of light of a searchlight
Fig 4.2a Transversal section ,US view
Fig 4.2b Transversal section, probe position
Fig 4.3a Longitudinal section, US view
Fig 4.3b Longitudinal section, probe position
Fig 4.4a Shoulder – navel cut right, US view
Fig 4.4b Shoulder – navel cut right, probe position
Fig 4.5 Axis of section related to axis of organ e.g. pancreas
Fig 4.6 Position grip longitudinal cut
Fig 4.7 Position grip transversal cut
Fig 4.8 Left hand position on keyboard
Fig 4.9a Gel on skin in abdominal examination
Fig 4.9b Gel on probe in peripheral exam
Fig 4.10 Scanning
Fig 4.11 Rotation
Fig 4.12a Longitudinal gliding
Fig 4.12b Transversal gliding
Fig 4.13 Angulation
Fig 4.14 Compression

Chapter Videos

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