WFUMB-IFMSA Student Newsletter 2023

The World Federation for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology (WFUMB) is dedicated to the advancement of ultrasound by encouraging research, international cooperation, and improving communication and understanding about the role of ultrasound in medicine and biology.

The International Federation of Medical Students Associations (IFMSA), founded in 1951, is one of the world’s oldest and largest student-run organisations representing 1.3 million medical students from 130 countries around the globe. It is the ideal organisation for WFUMB to collaborate with to develop student ultrasound education (SUSE). The evolution from traditional time- and process-based training concepts to competency-based ones is a paradigm shift. Major barriers to the widespread use of ultrasound are the need for more training early in students’ courses and the shortage of adequately trained educator able to teach the practical aspects of the technique.

The aim of a collaboration of WFUMB with IFMSA would be resolve controversies in student ultrasound education (SUSE) and to develop a common curriculum. This will be a difficult task due to many different disciplines that use ultrasound and varying experience and opinions. The discussion paper should provide an opportunity for input from universities, teachers, students and regulatory bodies to discuss and hopefully solve some of the following issues:

  • What should be taught to whom and when? Regulatory bodies (government (state, federal)) and universities must determine if SUSE is mandatory or voluntary and if teaching is preclinical, clinical or both, and the ratio of theoretical and practical teaching.
  • Identify the scientific and educational societies that could contribute to the training.
  • Identify the teachers from all the relevant specialties.
  • Identify students who will participate in the teaching and also contribute to peer teaching.
  • Develop standardized learning objectives including basic principles, understanding how to use the machines, anatomy, topography, examination technique, terminology, reporting, quality issues, safety issues, interventions and basic pathology).
  • Develop teaching materials such as textbooks, e-learning tools, videos, podcasts, etc.
  • Identify the resources, including ultrasound equipment and simulators (skill labs) for practical teaching.
  • Develop the systems for evaluating knowledge acquisition including theoretical and practical skills.
  • Identify where the funding will come from to pay for the equipment and teachers

WFUMB Annual Report 2023

Ultrasound Connections

Our WFUMB Annual Report 2023 is now available and online. The report outlines all of the good work WFUMB has carried out in the last year. Take a look!

View our WFUMB Annual Report and Brochure here >



Upcoming WFUMB-AFSUMB Student Webinar Series

The WFUMB-AFSUMB Student Webinars take place across 2023 – 2024 on the second Saturday of the scheduled months. Each webinar consists of two, 1 hour lectures (see the full enlarged scheduled below) and will take place via Zoom connection in English language.
Time: 10:00am Central European Time (CET or CEST).

Please register your interest using the registration form here >

WFUMB Ultrasound Book

Some years ago, our colleagues who worked and taught in the WFUMB COEs asked us for actual educational material, especially e-learning material. WFUMB thought this was a big opportunity to bring experienced people together, to implement a project, using modern modalities.

In 2020, the Ultrasound Book project began and the response was overwhelming, 68 authors & co-authors from all 6 WFUMB federations, from 10 COEs and from 27 different countries contributed and shared their knowledge. They worked very enthusiastically and rapidly and in less than one and half years they helped us to implement our WFUMB Ultrasound Book. The idea of the book was to start with basics, sono-anatomy and examination technique, followed by chapters about the sono-pathology. The main topic is abdominal ultrasound but in 37 chapters we also looked into other regions like thorax, vessels, or thyroid. In additional chapters about specific topics we look together ´beyond the garden fence´. Some of those chapters contained nearly 1000 fantastic images and references involving hard work, that we will offer them in a long version on the WFUMB website.

Since its release the WFUMB Ultrasound Book has been a great success and continues to receive huge visitor numbers every month.
This resource is available FREE for all students to view, download and share ...

Student Ultrasound Education Publications

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