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Pancreas - Chapter 15 Media Library

Chapter Images

Fig 15.1 Acute pancreatitis with fluid collection - B-mode imaging
Fig 15.2 Chronic pancreatitis showing calcifications as bright spots – B mode imaging
Fig 15.3 Twinkling artifact by using colour Doppler imaging
Fig 15.4 Autoimmune pancreatitis – B-mode imaging (hypoechoic aspect of the pancreas)
Fig 15.5 Pancreatic head pseudocyst – CEUS imaging
Fig 15.6 Ductal adenocarcinoma (Tu) is typically hypoechoic - colour Doppler imaging
Fig 15.7 Ductal adenocarcinoma - CEUS imaging
Fig 15.8 Ductal adenocarcinoma – sonoelastography (EUS)
Fig 15.9 Neuroendocine tumor - B-mode imaging
Fig 15.10 Neuroendocrine tumor - color Doppler imaging
Fig 15.11 Neuroendocrine tumor - CEUS imaging, arterial phase
Fig 15.12 Neuroendocrine tumor - CEUS imaging, arterial phase
Fig 15.13 Serous cystadenoma – CEUS imaging
Fig 15.14 Mucinous cystadenoma - B-mode imaging
Fig 15.15 Mucinous cystadenocarcinoma with septal enhancement (arrow) - CEUS imaging

Chapter Videos

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