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Fig 26.1 (View from right) The two classical areas of potential intra-abdominal free fluid encountered during FAST exam are in Green: A) Morrison Pouch, E) Douglas pouch, also called recto-uterine space (in female patients) and F) peri-vesicular space (in men and women). Further areas are: B) caudal liver margin, C) right paracolic gutter, D) hepato-diaphragmatic space. The two thoracic areas are: Red) pericardial effusion and in Blue) right inferior hemithorax (RIH) area of fluid collection
Fig 26.2 (View from left) The two classical areas of potential intra-abdominal free fluid encountered during FAST exam are in green: A) spleno-renal space, E)Douglas pouch, also calledrecto-uterine space (in femalepatients) and F) peri-vesicularspace (in men and women).Further areas are: B) caudalsplenic margin, C) leftparacolic gutter, D) spleno-diaphragmatic space. The two thoracic areas areRed) pericardial effusion. Blue)left inferior hemithorax (LIH)area of fluid collection. Freefluid in the abdomen can alsobe located in between bowelloops (not depicted here)
Fig 26.3 Corresponding anatomical regions for probe placement in E-FAST. Green intraabdominal spaces evaluated for presence of free fluid collection. Right Upper Quadrant = RUQ, Left Upper Quadrant = LUQ, Red) pericardial views, SX = Subxiphoid View, PSL = Parasternal Long View (alternative to subxiphoid view if heart not visible). RIH = Right Inferior Hemithorax view, LIH = Left Inferior Hemithorax view, RAH = Right Anterior Hemithorax view, LAH = Left Anterior Hemithorax view. Free fluid in the abdomen can also be located in between bowel loops (not depicted here)
Fig 26.4 Probe placements for RUQ FAST views
Fig 26.5a Subxiphoid (SX) probe placement
Fig 26.5b Parasternal Long Axis (PSLA) placement
Fig 26.6 Left Upper Quadrant probe placement
Fig 26.7 Sagital (A) and transverse (B) probe placement for suprapubic views
Fig 26.8 Probe placement for left (A) and right (B) anterior hemithorax view

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