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WFUMB Policy on Live Scanning at Commercial Exhibitions

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WFUMB Policy on Live Scanning at Commercial Exhibitions

While WFUMB does not object to live scanning at WFUMB meetings, the involvement of pregnant women and children, and the use of invasive scanning and contrast agents are not acceptable. In addition, the use of corporate employees to perform scans is acceptable, but such activities should not be considered educational. Scanning by physicians and/or technologists can be considered educational, but only if handled in an educational setting.

Specifically the following rules must be obeyed:

  1. Scanning should be performed with decorum, and in a manner respectful to the subject.
  2. Scanning of eyes, pregnant women and children are forbidden.
  3. If a previously unknown pregnancy is detected during a scan, the scanning session must be terminated immediately.
  4. Endoscopic, intra-cavity and intra-vascular scanning are forbidden.
  5. The use of ultrasonic contrast agents is forbidden.
  6. Subjects (models) must give consent by signing a form which explains the non-diagnostic nature of the scan. In the case of female subjects, they must also sign to confirm that they are not pregnant.
  7. Each exhibitor must have a written policy on how to deal with serious incidental findings.
  8. All those who perform live scanning must understand the significance of the on-screen display of thermal index and mechanical index, and be knowledgeable about ultrasound bioeffects and safety.
  9. The lowest acoustic output compatible with adequate imaging should be maintained, and TI should be kept below 1.0, except for peripheral vascular scanning where it may be raised to a maximum of 3.0.
  10. For reasons of subject comfort, individual scanning sessions should be limited to 30 minutes.

Approved by WFUMB Administrative Council, October 2015

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