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WFUMB Interactive case of the month

Instructions for Authors

Ultrasound pictures or videos of cases that point out interesting aspects of ultrasound image interpretation or medical decision-making have a particular interest in this interactive format. 

Please download and fill in the case template and send it together with the original image and video files attached to case.submissions1@wfumb.org

Remember to get the patient consent before publication.

We award the best cases submissions a waiver of the registration fee and an invitation to the Congress banquet at WFUMB 2021 congress in Timisoara, Romania.

You are always welcome to contact us if you have any questions. 


Kind regards 

Caroline Ewertsen and Tobias Todsen 

Editors of WFUMB interactive case of the month

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Ultrasound in Obstetrics & Gynecology: A Practical Approach

Ultrasound in Obstetrics & Gynecology: A Practical Approach is an open access E-Book that presents a comprehensive review of ultrasound in obstetrics & gynecology. The E-Book is edited by Dr. Alfred Abuhamad, a renowned international expert on ultrasound with contributions from Drs. Rabih Chaoui, Philippe Jeanty, and Dario Paladini who possess an immense knowledge in the field and are recognized as giants in ultrasound imaging.

Click here to view on the EVMS site >>

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Case of the Month October – Facial Cleft

by Admin

Anh Lam*, Nguyen Ha*

* Imaging Diagnostic Department, Tu Du Hospital, Vietnam

Corresponding author: drlamngocanh@gmail.com

Clinical History:

A 32 year-old pregnant woman, PARA 0000, was sent to our hospital at 20 weeks and 5 days. She had no history of medical diseases and abuse of drugs or alcohol. Her family history was normal.

Video 01: UPPER LIP

Video 02: NOSE

Video 03: ORBIT


View the October Case below, answer the question and then click check >

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 Lucas Japiassu Mendonça Rocha1 ; Eduardo Davino Chiovatto1 ; Alessandra Rodrigues Silva Chiovatto1 ; Renato Davino Chiovatto1, 4; Maria Cristina Chammas1, 2; Wagner Iared1, 3

  1. Ultrasonography Improvement and Research Center Dr. Giovanni Guido Cerri, DASA, São Paulo, Brazil. 
  2. Institute of Radiology – Hospital das Clínicas School of Medicine – University of São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
  3. Departament of Medicine – Federal University of São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil. 
  4. Institute of Heart – Hospital das Clínicas School of Medicine – University of São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

Clinical History:

A 61-year-old woman with a previous history of right side lumbar herniorrhaphy was referred to our clinic for a diagnostic ultrasound exam. She had noticed a bulging in the right flank, associated with local pain 4 months previously. The clinical examination revealed a palpable lump more pronounced in standing position on the right flank upper quadrant. A surgical scar could be seen just below the examined site.

View the September Case below, answer the question and then click check >

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Simone Uezato Ota, Caio Batalha Pereira, Marcelo Schelini, Fernando Linhares Pereira, Wagner Iared, Maria Cristina Chammas.

Centro de Aperfeiçoamento e Pesquisa em Ultrassonografia Prof. Dr. Giovanni Guido Cerri, DASA, São Paulo, Brazil.

Clinical History:

A 56-year-old man, diabetic, hypertensive, smoker and chronic alcoholic with dyslipidemia from the countryside of the State of São Paulo, with negative serology for viral hepatitis, was referred to our clinic for an ultrasound examination to follow-up on liver cirrhosis.
The following are his ultrasound images:

View the August Case below, answer the question and then click check >

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A female with an acute onset of severe pain in the lower abdomen

Dr. Serghei Puiu, Dr, PhD

Department of Radiology and Imaging, State University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Nicoale Testemitanu”, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

Corresponding author: Serghei Puiu
Email: puiusv@yahoo.com

Clinical History:

A 47-year-old lady was referred to our department for a second opinion before surgery regarding an ovarian mass suspect of an ovarian tumour. She had an acute onset of severe pain in the lower right abdominal quadrant one week previously, which disappeared spontaneously. When she presented in our department, she had no pain or fever. Blood tests, including tumour markers, were normal.

Transabdominal and transvaginal ultrasound scans were performed. They showed an enlarged, but well-defined right ovary, appearing as a mass (Fig. 1-2). The stroma was heterogeneous due to edema displacing the follicles peripherally (Fig. 3). An echogenic thickened fallopian tube seemed to wrap the enlarged ovary (Fig. 4 a-c). The ovarian arterial and venous flow was preserved (Fig. 5 a-b). A small fluid collection in the Douglas pouch and around the ovary was seen. There was a slight pain on transducer touch.

Figure 1. Enlarged right ovary mimicking a solid adnexal mass.
Figure 2. Enlargement (up to 139 cm3) of the right ovary.
Figure 3. Peripherally located ovarian follicles, displaced by the ovarian stromal edema. Note the heterogeneous appearance of the ovarian stroma.
Figures 4 a-c. Thickened fallopian tube surrounding the enlarged ovarian mass. Small anechoic fluid collection around the ovary. Compare the swollen right tube (thick arrow) and normal appearance of the left tube (thin arrow).
Figures 5 a-b. Present ovarian arterial and venous flow, showing typical Doppler patterns.
Figure 6 a-c. Normal appearance and vascular flow of the right ovary two months later. The right fallopian tube is difficult to visualize.

View the July Case below, answer the question and then click check >

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Webinar: WFUMB ‘Ultrasound, the Best’ Cases

Webinar: WFUMB ‘Ultrasound, the Best’ Cases

by Admin

WFUMB Webinar: WFUMB ‘Ultrasound, the Best’ Cases

Took place on Tuesday, September 15, 2020 2:30 PM – 4:30 PM CEST

The webinar consisted of Introduction, 3 lectures & summary, with Q&A’s and feedback.

One of the important directions WFUMB is pursuing is to promote the best use of ultrasound. This webinar is a part of this campaign with a slogan of “Ultrasound, the Best’.

In this 2-hours webinar, you will see the ‘Ultrasound, the Best’ cases in the liver, gastrointestinal tract, and urinary tract. Odd Helge GILJA (Chair of WFUMB education committee), Christoph DIETRICH (Chair of WFUMB publication committee), and Seung KIM (President of WFUMB) will present cases where ultrasound played excellent problem-solving roles in the diagnosis and management of the patients, sometimes even much better than CT or MRI did. I hope this webinar may be enjoyable and useful for all participants. I believe many of you also have ‘Ultrasound, the Best’ cases. WFUMB invites you to participate in this campaign by submitting your cases through the WFUMB website. You can find submitting guidelines and slide templates at the WFUMB website.

Presentations for this webinar are below …

Introduction - Seung Kim

Cases in the Urinary Tract - Seung Kim

Cases in the Liver - Odd Helge Gilja

Cases in the GI Tract - Christoph F Dietrich

Concluding Q & A Session - All speakers

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