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Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders (WRMSD) Alliance of Organizations is hosting a Virtual Solutions Hack-a-Thon Challenge

Who Can Participate:

Innovative students that are currently enrolled in a higher education setting.  We are hoping to welcome those focused in:

Sonography Physical Therapy
Engineering Medicine
Instructional Design Health/Fitness
Architecture Business
Sports & Fitness Health Administration

Participants will be asked for no more than 10 hours of online participation.  Each team will be comprised of students from different fields of study.

The Challenge to Solve:

For many sonographers, physicians, and other medical professionals performing ultrasound scans, pain is a daily reality.  Work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WRMSD) limit their ability to live productive lives and care for their patients.
During this virtual Solution Hack-a-Thon Challenge, you and your team will be empowered to explore, discuss, debate and brainstorm on ways to eliminate WRMSD once and for all.

The Grand Prize to Earn:

Each member of the team with the winning solution will receive a $550 USD cash prize and will be invited to participate in the upcoming 2021 WRMSD Design Summit.

Registration and Timeline:

November 2, 2020Registration opens here.  Please sign-up before November 30, 2020.  Register early as participation will be limited.
December 7, 2020 to February 15, 2021 – Teams work at their own pace to complete and submit their presentation.  Team collaboration calls start December 28, 2020
March 1, 2020 – Winners announced.

Winner Selection Criteria, Rules & Fine Print:

  • Participation is open to residents/students of the US and Canada.
  • Participants will commit to no more than 10 hours and will participate online.
  • Each team will submit one presentation on their solution. Solutions cannot eliminate the need for an actual sonographer.  Presentations should not exceed 5 to 7 minutes in length.
  • Judges will be comprised of representatives from members of the WRMSD GC Alliance and industry-related partners.  Presentations will be judged for innovation, sustainability, scalability.
  • Each selected participant will receive a $25 USD VISA gift card
  • Full copy of the Official Rules and Guidelines are available here.


The WRMSD Grand Challenge Alliance of Organizations includes:

  • American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine,  
  • American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography and Inteleos,  
  • American Society of Echocardiography,
  • Intersocietal Accreditation Commission,  
  • Joint Review Committee on Education in Cardiovascular Technology,  
  • Joint Review Committee on Education in Diagnostic Medical Sonography,  
  • Society for Vascular Ultrasound,
  • Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography. 

For more information visit https://www.ardms.org/wrmsd-grand-challenge/

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ASUM 2021 – 50 Year Conference

ASUM 2021 – 50 Year Conference

by Admin

ASUM 2021 – 50 Year Conference – Celebrating 50 years of the Australasian Society for Ultrasound in Medicine

November 19, 2021November 21, 2021

Celebrating 50 years of the Australasian
Society for Ultrasound in Medicine

Friday 19 to Sunday 21 November 2021
International Convention Centre Sydney Australia

ASUM are delighted to be returning to Sydney where the Society first began in 1970, 50 years ago. We invite you to join us as we celebrate the journey and development of this multi-disciplinary tool in diagnostic medical ultrasound. In addition to the celebrations, a comprehensive multi-disciplinary ultrasound-focussed program will be delivered including lectures, live scanning and workshops.
Be a part of the celebrations, the education, the ultrasound industry of Australia and New Zealand.

View Flyer here >>

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WFUMB Congress 2023

WFUMB Congress 2023

by Admin

WFUMB Congress 2023

11-14 February 2023 – SAVE THE DATE!
Muscat, Oman


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WFUMB 2021, Timisoara NOW POSTPONED TO 25 – 28 May 2022

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

The World Federation for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology (WFUMB) are pleased to invite you to Timisoara, Romania for the 18th WFUMB Congress. This will be held from 25 – 28 May, 2022 at Timisoara Convention Center, Str Marasesti nr 1-3, 300086, Timisoara, Timis, Romania.

The event web site is already up and running and you can Register now for this exciting event > https://wfumb2021.com/

The latest multi page leaflet about this event, including topics covered, invitations from WFUMB Committee, detailed explanations on Timisoara & Romania and registration can be found here >>

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WFUMB Video of the Month July 2019

WFUMB Video of the Month July 2019

by Admin

Author and Affiliation

Alina Constantin1,  Cătălin Copăescu2,  Victor Tomulescu2,  Adrian Săftoiu3

1Gastroenterology Department, Ponderas Academic Hospital Bucharest
2Surgical Department, Ponderas Academic Hospital Bucharest
3Research Center of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, University of Medicine and Pharmacy Craiova, Romania

Video and Figure 1

SPN which occurs in young women in the third decade of life has well-defined borders and variable central areas with cystic degeneration, necrosis, or hemorrhage (Figure 1a). Contrast enhanced EUS reveals  in SPN  hypoenhancement in the the arterial and venous phase (Video 1). In contrast, NETs are hyperenhancing lesions. Elastography shows stiffer tissue compared to the surrounding (Figure 1b). Biopsy and immunohistochemical staining were performed for final diagnosis.

Take Home Message

Neuroendocrine tumor (NET) and solid-pseudopapillary neoplasm (SPN) are two types of pancreatic tumor that were sometimes difficult to differentiate. Biopsy and immunohistochemical analysis obtained  by a histological needle biopsy plays a crucial role in differentiating these two tumor types, E-cadherin, chromogranin A, and β-catenin representing the most useful markers which should be employed for differentiating between NET and SPN.

Featured reference

Yusuke Ohara, Tatsuya Oda, Shinji Hashimoto. Pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor and solid-pseudopapillary neoplasm: Key immunohistochemical profiles for differential diagnosis, World J Gastroenterol 2016;22(38):8596-8604.

Figure 1a
Figure 1b
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WFUMB Video of the Month June 2019

WFUMB Video of the Month June 2019

by Admin

This was a 45-year old man with severe proteinuria. Color Doppler US of the left renal vein (LRV) in transverse plane shows severe compression between abdominal aorta and superior mesenteric artery and bright-colored jetting flow in the inferior vena cava. Measured peak flow velocity was approximately 3 meters per second which is much higher than normal velocity of 40 to 50 cm/sec. 
[Prof. Seung Hyup Kim, Professor in Radiology and Urology, Seoul National University, Korea]


Nutcracker Syndrome

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