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About COE & Location Map

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About COE & Location Map


The WFUMB Centers of Education (COE´s) shall provide education in medical ultrasound in countries where there is a need. They should grant recognition to participants after completion of courses, accumulate ultrasound related reference materials and serve as reference centers for the region, they are situated.

WFUMB Center of Education (COE) is the name for an institution, which offers education in ultrasound for doctors and medical personnel, regularly (at least once a year). It has to be recommended by the ultrasound society of its country or region and recognized by WFUMB. A dedicated and responsible person is appointed as Director and is in charge of the COE.


Centers of Excellence (COE`s) were a project of WHO, originally. Harald Østensen, former medical officer of WHO, had the idea, to establish centers for education in basic radiology for developing countries, one center in each continent of the world. He started this project in the late nineties and founded the „Global Steering Group for Education and Training in Diagnostic Imaging“, chaired by WHO, to discuss the projects of several organizations in this field and to improve the cooperation.
At the same time, WFUMB and WHO started a closer cooperation, initiated by Barry Goldberg. H. Østensen stressed his special interest for the promotion of ultrasound in developing countries. Based on the discussions between H. Østensen and H. Lutz, it was agreed and decided that the centers for ultrasound should be founded separately from the centers for basic radiology and under the responsibility of WFUMB. WFUMB founds the COE`s in cooperation with its regional member-organization and based on a formal contract with the national societies for ultrasound.

Centers of Education

  • Bangladesh Society of Ultrasonography (BSU), Bangladesh, established in 2004
  • Uganda Association of Sonography (UGASON), Uganda, established in 2004
  • Sociedad Venezolana de Ultrasonido en Medicina (AVUM), Venezuela, established in 2005
  • Romanian Society of Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology, Romania, established in 2007
  • Indonesian Society of Ultrasound in Medicine, Indonesia, established in 2011
  • Kenya Society of Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology (KESUMB), Kenya, established in 2013
  • Mongolian Society of Diagnostic Ultrasound (MSDU), Mongolia, established in 2013
  • Nigerian Society of Ultrasound Practitioner (NSUP), Nigeria, established in 2013
  • Societe Togolaise D’Ultrasonographie Medicale, Togo, established in 2013
  • Ethiopian Ultrasound Society, Ethiopia, established in 2014
  • Sociedad Paraguaya de Ecografia, Paraguay, established in 2015
  • Society for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology of the Republic of Moldova, 2017
  • Sudanese Society of Gastroenterology, Sudan, 2017

Future Plans of WFUMB COE’s

WFUMB has it as its main purpose to bring sustainable ultra sound to all regions of our world.

According to WHO approximately 2/3 of the worlds population has no access to medical imaging of any kind.

Through our Centers of Education WFUMB supports ultrasound education in low resource areas at 13 locations around the globe.

The intention with our COE Session at WFUMB 2017 in Taipei is to bring together decision-makers and COE leaders from all regions for the benefit of learning from each other and thereby hopefully bring about improvement for both existing COEs and WFUMB COE program in general.

We hope to create new ideas on how to teach ultrasound, new ways to bring out ultrasound to the farthest areas and new COEs to make this come true.

COE Candidates

Vietnamese Society for Ultrasound in Medicine, Vietnam – Candidate COE start date January 2019

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