The contract between Elsevier and WFUMB states the following:

5.1 Individual Members.
The rate for all members of societies that are member societies of the Federation (each a “Member”) for a subscription to the electronic version of the Journal only will be $75 per year for the Term of this Agreement (as defined below). The Member rate for a combined print and electronic subscription to the Journal will be $150 for 2015; $175 for 2016; $200 for 2018; and $225 for the rest of the Term of the Agreement.

Subscribers’ access to electronic versions of the Journal shall be pursuant to terms and conditions of use set and enforced by the Publisher.
(a) The Member rate does not include any sales or similar taxes required by law, which may be billed by the Publisher as appropriate.
(b) Member subscriptions are intended for the personal use of Members only. The Publisher shall be entitled to enforce these terms as a condition of a Member’s receipt of a Member
(c) Fees for Member subscriptions shall be billed on a quarterly basis and payment shall be made by the Federation within thirty (30) days of receipt of the Publisher’s invoice.