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Officers and Administrative Councilors 2017-2019

Executive Bureau

  • President: Christian Nolsøe, MD PhD (Denmark – EFSUMB)
  • President-Elect: Seung Hyup Kim, MD (Korea – AFSUMB)
  • Vice President 1: Christoph F Dietrich MD PhD MBA (Germany – EFSUMB)
  • Vice President 2: M. Cristina Chammas, MD (Brazil – FLAUS)
  • Secretary: Adrian Goudie, MD (Australia – ASUM)
  • Treasurer: Jacques S Abramowicz, MD (USA – AIUM)
  • Immediate Past President: Harvey Nisenbaum, MD (USA – AIUM)

Administrative Councilors

  • Michael Blaivas (AIUM)
  • Iwaki Akiyama (AFSUMB)
  • George Condous (ASUM)
  • Odd Helge Gilja (EFSUMB)
  • Luis F Chavarria Estrada (FLAUS)
  • Hassen A Gharbi (MASU)

Co-Opted Councilors

  • Yi-Hong Chou (AFSUMB)
  • Sudhir Vinayak (MASU)
  • Sue Westerway (ASUM)

Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology
Editor in Chief

Christy Holland, PhD (USA – AIUM)


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