The World Federation for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology (WFUMB) is dedicated to the advancement of ultrasound by encouraging research, promoting international cooperation, disseminating scientific information, and improving communication and understanding in the world community using ultrasound in medicine and biology. Therefore, the mission of WFUMB is to bring sustainable ultrasound programs to areas of the world where there is a need to improve global healthcare through collaboration, communication, and education. WFUMB is committed to the highest standards of governance, accountability and responsibility.

WFUMB is registered in the USA as a non-profit organisation and in pursuance of this undertakes to:

  • Exert appropriate financial control in accordance with the Constitution and Bylaws.
  • Comply with the requirement for tax-exempt non-profits to provide, upon request, copies of the three most recently filed annual information returns (IRS Form 990) and the organization’s application for tax-exemption (which includes correspondence between WFUMB and the IRS related to the application)
  • Maintain a conflict of interest policy with a disclosure statement that all board and staff review annually
  • Strongly encourage gender and cultural diversity in committee membership
  • Be clear about who is accountable for the non-profit’s expenditures by adopting expense policies, such as a travel expense reimbursement policy (requiring prior approval and limiting expenditures to what is reasonable)
  • Ensure investments are held under a policy which protects the assets whilst also growing the assets to increase their value. Unethical investments shall be avoided e.g. tobacco industry
  • Communicates its policies, achievements and prospects honestly and transparently with all interested parties
  • Engage with suppliers, contractual partners and industry who do not endanger our reputation; donations received from industry will only be accepted if unrestricted and for educational purposes
  • Review all donations ensuring that a discussion of potential issues of ethical concern takes place before a project commences
  • Ensure USA government compliance in dealings with their sanctioned areas
  • Develop a screening process for all Centres of Education, even if not a country targeted by USA sanctions, to ensure that WFUMB’s ethical position is not compromised
  • Seek professional legal and accounting advice when needed to support compliance
  • Adopt and abide by a whistle blower protection policy that specifies the organization will not retaliate against, and will protect the confidentiality (whenever possible) of employees and governing body members who make good-faith complaints about violations of the policies of the organization, suspected misuse of organization resources, including finances, or any other unethical or inappropriate conduct of organization personnel
  • Respond to and act promptly on complaints.