WFUMB is pleased to work in partnership with ISUOG and can provide the following resources to its members:

ISUOG and FMF present: Ultrasound Essentials 2024

For the third year running, ISUOG and the Fetal Medicine Foundation (FMF) are working together to present a FREE two-day online event for all clinicians working in lower resource settings, on 2-3 February 2024.

Other Resources

  • Lectures from our congress are available only to members here (VIEW HERE>), same for the recordings from our courses (VIEW HERE>), CME platform (VIEW HERE>) and our visual encyclopedia, VISUOG (VIEW HERE>)
  • Our journal is accessible for members subscribing to it (VIEW HERE>), but there is also quite a lot of free content, including video abstract (VIEW HERE>) and journal club (VIEW HERE>)
  • ISUOG guidelines and statements.
  • ISUOG courses and congress, particularly, opportunities to live stream a course, to be included in your calendar of events:
  • Free ISUOG trainee memberships offered to trainees of the WFUMB. This membership will give trainees of the partner society the same benefits as the journal membership, completely free of charge for the trainee and for the institutions for two years (For reference, Journal membership is £115 per year).
  • Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology free e-book – VIEW HERE>


In keeping with the WFUMB mission to bring sustainable ultrasound programs to the underserved areas of the world to improve global healthcare through collaboration, communication & education, WFUMB is to be partnering with numerous like-minded ultrasound groups.

The WFUMB outreach programs are an integral part of the WFUMB mission statement and we aim to deliver great training & resources across all fields of ultrasound. This can only be achieved with the support of an extensive network of like minded self-funding volunteers.

In 2019 WFUMB and ISUOG signed a MOU to deliver the ISUOG Basic Training Course to the WFUMB Centres of Education in Fiji, Moldova and Paraguay. 

Although the Covid pandemic interfered with our plans, we look forward to renewing our MOU so that we can work with ISUOG to deliver obstetric & gynecology outreach programs in low resource regions.