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WFUMB Lectures

US in acute abdominal pain – “Top 5” common findings

AIUM Meeting 2018 in New York – On Tuesday 3/27/18 morning we had multiple activities related to US in Global Health:

Advances in Ultrasound in Global Health Session 8:30-10:00 am (3 presentations) – click on the links to view …

• Kristen DeStigter- WFUMB Lecture: Approach to Choosing Hardware for Use in Global Health – Coming Soon
• Lori Stolz- Software Advances Changing the Application of Ultrasound Worldwide – View presentation
• Michael Schick- Ultrasound Education and Its Implications for Global Healthcare Delivery – View presentation


WFUMB Lecture- Renal Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound on Sunday April 7th during the 2019 AIUM Annual Meeting in Orlando Florida

By Franca Meloni

View presentation slides here

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