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Uganda WFUMB COE. Est 2004

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Uganda WFUMB COE. Est 2004

Kampala WFUMB COE was launched in October 2004 with subsequent regular renewals. The aim of the WFUMB COE is to offer formal and continuing medical education (CME) courses in ultrasound.

Formal courses are offered at certificate, diploma and Bachelors and Master’s degree levels. Continuing medical education courses are offered twice a year aimed at refreshing participants’ ultrasound knowledge and skills and at training the trainers. The COE regularly sends reports of its activities to the WFUMB and communicates with other WFUMB COEs.

The COE is under UGASON (Uganda Society for Sonography). ECUREI is the training centre for the COE. ECUREI stands for “Ernest Cook Ultrasound Research and Education Institute”. Ernest Cook was British missionary brought first X-ray machine to Uganda, in year 1910.

To date the COE has trained a total of 1,040 ultrasound users since its inception in 2004. This year, the COE held its first refresher course on with the theme “Vascular Ultrasound”. The second refresher course will run on 02/09/2017 with the theme “Chest Ultrasound”.

Last year in October, ECUREI graduated its first Bachelor’s of ultrasound degree students. This year in October, ECUREI will graduate its first Masters of Diagnostic Ultrasound students.

The main challenge facing the COE is the low ratio of ultrasound machines to numbers of students. ECUREI acquired 3 ultrasound machines this year one through a donation and two purchased by ECUREI.


COE Leader:    Michael Kawooya - Ernest Cook Ultrasound Research and Education Institute (ECUREI)
COE Head of Centre:   
COE Staff:

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