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Other books published by WFUMB representatives

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Other books published by WFUMB representatives

Ultrasound Atlas of Clinical Cases
Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, “Victor Babeș” University of Medicine and Pharmacy Timișoara
Prof. Ioan Sporea, MD, PhD, Editor

The Safe Use of Ultrasound in Medical Diagnosis, 3rd Edition
Edited by Gail ter Haar
Published by the British Institute of Radiology (BIR). 

Hepatic Elastography Using Ultrasound Waves
Ed. Ioan Sporea and Roxana Sirli. eISBN: 978-1-60805-463-3 ISBN: 978-1-6805-557-9

Manual of Diagnostic Ultrasound in Infectious Tropical Diseases
Ed. H.T.Lutz & H.A.Gharbi, 2005. Published by Springer-Verlag, ISBN 3.540.24446.8

Training in Diagnostic Ultrasound Essentials, Principles and Standards, WHO Study Group report
Available from WHO in English, French and Spanish, 1998. ISBN 92.4.120875.9.
Price: Sw.Fr. 14.00, (Sw. Fr. 9.80 in Developing Countries).

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