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Prof Henry Kasozi

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Prof Henry Kasozi

Prof Henry Kasozi trained in medicine at Bezanson University, France, completing with an MD in 1972. He went on to train in Radiology at the universities of Glasgow and Bristol in the UK. He returned to Uganda in 1974, to be immediately recruited by Makerere University as Head and lecturer in the Department of Radiology. In 1982 Doctor Kasozi was promoted to the position of Associate Professor of Radiology having a year earlier started training Ugandan Doctors to the level of M. Med Radiology At Mulago. He had also, persuaded Makerere University to award, Diploma in Radiography then being offered by the school of Radiography. The Diploma was in 2002 upgraded to a BMR Degree offered at Makerere University Medical School.With colleagues, Professor Kasozi refurbished the Mulago Hospital X-ray. Department with new imaging equipments in 1981 shortly afterwards started training Ugandan radiologists at Mulago, introduced Mamography and Ultra-sound Imaging in 1988. He tirelessly worked on the creation of a Radio-therapy Unit in 1988, for which he was donated a STABILIPAN 2 machine by SIEMENS.

In the decade starting 1990, with Ugandan colleagues, Prof Kasozi founded the Uganda Society for Sonography (UGASON) and was one of the founder members of imaging professional societies in Uganda and East Africa namely; Uganda Society for Advancement of Radiology and Imaging (USOFARI) and Pan African Congress of Radiology and Imaging (PACORI). He was nominated Presi-dent of these bodies. Many confer-ences of the above organizations took place in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and in 2001, Professor Kasozi, led a team of Ugandan Radiologists to a MASU conference in Florence Italy.

At that conference Professor Kasozi was named deputy President of Mediterranean and African Society of Ultrasound.

After building and heading Kadic Hospital Bukoto for 17 years, Profes-sor Kasozi retired and lives in Ntinda with his beloved Sayuni, surrounded by their seven Children and 18 Grandchildren. Professor Kasozi though retired continues to be the Principal of ECUREI, a degree awarding institution specializing in Diagnostic Imaging, Physiotherapy and Biomedical Engineering.

Email: kasozishenry@gmail.com


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