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Case of the Month May – Jaundice in an infant

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Jaundice in an infant

  Rogerio Augusto Pinto da Silva, MD
 Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais State – Brazil

 Email: ecosala1@gmail.com

Clinical History:

A 94-days-old boy referred to ultrasound imaging due to the development of jaundice.

Figure 1. Upper left: portal vein diameter (4.8 mm) and right portal vein branch diameter (3.9 mm); Lower left: hepatic artery diameter (2.5 mm) ; Lower right: Gallbladder volume (0.025 cm3); Upper right: Portal bifurcation
Figure 2. Upper left: Splenic longitudinal axis (78.9 mm); Lower left: portal bifurcation; Right: Right liver lobe 2D-SWE (Canon i600): Median 33.8 kPa (IQR 1.8) / 3.32 m/s (IQR 0.07)

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