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WFUMB Ultrasound Workshop Day: 28th May 2021

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WFUMB Ultrasound Workshop Day: 28th May 2021

WFUMB Held a very successful Workshop webinar day on the 28th May 2021

All recorded presentations are below

Introduction - Seung Hyup Kim

Session 1 - Nutcracker phenomenon and nutcracker syndrome: How common? How various? How interesting? and Why ultrasound is the best in the diagnosis and management? - Seung Hyup Kim
Session 2 - Simultaneous multimodality imaging on US and MR - Iwaki Akiyama
Session 3 - How and why transvaginal ultrasound should be the prerequisite imaging technique in the management of bowel endometriosis? - George Condous
Session 4 - Infection prevention in ultrasound practice - Sue Westerway
Session 5 - US-guided RFA of Hepatic Malignant Tumors - Yi-Hong Chou
Session 6 - Fatty liver disease: Quantitative US Imaging - Byung Choi
Session 7 - When to use and how to use ultrasound for screening of patients with metabolic condition – Ioan Sporea
Session 8 - CEUS & Fusion in Interventional US: useful tools or useless gadgets? - Christian Nolsøe
Session 9 - Seven novel guideline and clinical recommendation papers on GIUS - mission accomplished - Odd Helge Gilja
Session 10 - Never seen before, we might never see it again - Christoph F Dietrich
Session 11 - WFUMB Course Book Presentation
Session 12 - US goes home – handheld US a real option in ambulant palliative medicine - Dieter Nürnberg
Session 13 - MPUS for the testis - Paul Sidhu

Session 14 - Evaluation of cervical lymph nodes (duplex scan and color Doppler) - Cristina Chammas
Session 15 - Doppler in Renal Artery Stenosis - Leandro Fernandez

Session 16 - Fetal eyes ultrasound: see what you've been missing - Jacques S Abramowicz
Session 17 - FAST in Pediatric trauma - Jorge Rabat

Session 18 - Ultrasound Guided Treatments for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - Yusef Sayeed
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