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Case of the Month July 2021- Palpable inguinal lymph nodes

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Jonathan Cohen 1*

1   Department of Radiology, Copenhagen University Hospital, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Denmark; mailjonathancohen@gmail.com

 *   Correspondence: mailjonathancohen@gmail.com

Clinical History:

A 44-year-old male presented to our clinic with swollen inguinal lymph nodes on the left side for about 2 weeks. The lymph nodes were tender on palpation, but there was no discoloring on the skin. The patient had no fever, was in good physical shape and did not suffer from any illnesses. Two weeks previously the patient had stayed at a vacation home in a forest, and remembered one day having removed a few small ticks walking on his leg. He had had no signs of erythema migrans, wounds or swelling on the leg.

An initial ultrasound examination was performed revealing the images below.

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