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Case of the Month April – A white sign on the ovary

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Caio Batalha Pereira, Simone Uezato Ota, Marcelo Schelini, Julia Diva Zavaris, Wagner Iared, Maria Cristina Chammas

  • Centro de Aperfeiçoamento e Pesquisa em Ultrassonografia Prof. Dr. Giovanni Guido Cerri, DASA, São Paulo, Brazil.

Clinical History:

A 23-year-old womanfrom the countryside of São Paulo came to our clinicfora routine gynecologic examination. She had no known comorbidity.

The figures represent:
Presence of ill-defined nodular formation, hyperechogenic, without Doppler flow, in the right ovary, measuring approximately 0.8 x 0.7 x 0.6 cm. Volume: 0.3 cm³.

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